What even is Cake for Breakfast?

Welcome! I love you! This newsletter is a biweekly-ish roundup of things I've consumed with my mouth, ears, eyes, and big, gorgeous brain. Are those things always good? No, but they are perfect.

Who me? As for me, I’m Mia, an author and humor writer from the Midwest. I have two collections of funny essays and stories, She’s Nice Though and Weird But Normal. I also write a weekly column for the Cut called I Can’t Shut Up About. You can see more of my writing here or follow me on Twitter and Instagram but, like, no pressure.

Why is it called Cake for Breakfast?

Because it is about the delicious garbage I've recently fed my body and brain. Also, I hope this newsletter is a yummy little breakfast-time treat in your inbox.

... but sometimes this newsletter arrives in the evening?

Breakfast can be dinner, okay! Cake for Breakfast for Dinner!!

Why are you yelling?

I'm not! I'm singing!! Every time I use an exclamation point, it is to indicate that I have just sung the previous sentence!!!!!!!!

Do you want to start a band?

Stop flirting with me ;)

Will the newsletter always have this much sexual tension?

Yes. I have a will-they-won't-they dynamic with myself.

What do paid subscribers get?

Okay, you little freak, I’ll tell you: bonus newsletters, behind-the-scenes content, sneaky peeks at upcoming projects, takeovers from my dog Ava, feet pics ha ha jk unless…

Um, anyway … watch any good movies lately?

Nope! I can only watch bad movies on account of my mush brain (medical jargon). Last night, I watched the 2007 Lindsay Lohan vehicle I Know Who Killed Me. The plot? Inscrutable. The writing? Worse than you think. The cinematography? Sometimes a scene would have this crackly, old-timey filter on it for just a second, which is to say the cinematography choices were … bold. And Lindsay? Doing the best she could with what she was given. Pros: it is a double Lohan feature. She plays two characters a la The Parent Trap. Cons: I feel like you probably still want to watch it even though I keep telling you not to :/

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Mia Mercado

Writer and author of Weird But Normal and She's Nice Though.