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On Barbarian, Bejeweled, and bean soup.
Technically, an AI system made it, but I helped so doesn't that count for something??
On beef, New Orleans, and Florence Pugh.
Coffee, giveaways, and Tyra Banks screaming about Vaseline.
New place, same garbage.
This is Cake for Breakfast, a newsletter about the delicious garbage I've recently consumed.
Two things! 1) In case you missed it, I'm doing a lil bit of a giveaway, luv. It's a mystery box (spooky! intrigue!) of weird, fun things I think you'll…
Like Hilary Duff in 2003, I've had a metamorphosis. Now, I am emerging from my chrysalis goo a gorgeous moth girl, ready to fly straight into a porch…
If you noticed something different about me, it's probably because I'm 30 now. It's a project I've been working toward my entire life, and I'm proud to…
What's amazing about time is that it just keeps happening even when you're like "gimme a sec hun mommy's busy." In direct accordance with the odds, I…
I promise I'll write a full ass newsletter soon. (lol "promise." That's more like a threat.) In the meantime, you can get your fill of my face tonight…